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Holistic Yoga Teacher Training program at Yoga Sanctuary in Minneapolis—Trainers, Guest Teachers

Meet Your Teachers…


Shelley is a teacher at heart. She has been learning, living and sharing holistic ways for 30 years. Her passion for practicing and teaching yoga with intentions of personal integration are rooted in Child Psychology and love of people. Shelley created Yoga Sanctuary, a holistic, nonprofit studio, after completing her 200hr Teacher Training in California at White Lotus in 2011. The Yoga Sutra defines yoga as unbinding the bonds of sorrow. Shelley believes that yoga is a potent tool that, when practiced and shared, can help to rebalance some of the injustices inherent in our collective history, hoping to increase opportunities for diverse populations to experience freedom and fulfillment through safe, fun, relational yoga. Shelley is passionate about teaching teachers to teach yoga in ways that bring wholeness to self, to others and to the world.


Tracy experienced the nurturing energy of Shelley and Yoga Sanctuary first as a student. After completing Yoga Teacher Training, she came to Shelley with her dream of fun yoga classes for preschoolers, and has since added many classes for adults to her teaching schedule. Her 20 years of experience teaching movement to all ages and types of bodies infuses her teaching with a desire to understand the physical body through anatomy and healthy alignment. During a 5 year run as a professor at St Cloud State University, she co-directed the Dance program and taught anatomy-centered ballet classes. During the birth of her daughter in 2010, she had her first encounter with Healing Touch, a therapy which works directly with the energetic body. Since then she has earned certification as a Healing Touch Practitioner through Healing Beyond Borders, which feeds and informs her teaching greatly.


Shelley and Tracy completed Yoga Studies with Ben Vincent in 2016. After the 9-month long program of intensive study, they began to work on plans to create Holistic Yoga Teacher Training & Personal Transformation—Holistic because they believe that the full experience of yoga interweaves the physical, energetic, emotional, mental, and spiritual layers of life in such a way that to study of a single layer of the Self quickly leads you to see the rest tangled up with it. The Personal Transformation component seems inevitable, that as you study yourself, experience the deep teachings of powerful asana, pranayama and meditation, you are bound to change into someone you recognize as more truly “you”. They also both believe strongly that the only way to become a yoga teacher is to practice yoga, and then to begin to love the beautiful teachings of yoga to such a degree that you feel passionate about sharing it with others.

As partners, Shelley and Tracy complement each other well. Shelley is transparent and vulnerable, seeking to create a community where each person feels welcome. She considers program details and curriculum content to support inquiry into parts of our stories that can be tricky to navigate. Tracy is practical and goal-oriented—helping to shape the schedules and certification details that keep everyone moving towards the finish line. Throughout their lives in various ways, Tracy and Shelley have both always felt compelled to teach and share. They are both teachers more than they are anything else, and so students of the Holistic Yoga program get the benefit of having two teachers who care deeply for each student. Thus, HYTT & PT puts a strong emphasis on teaching what you are learning, from our very first session together, to help you find your teaching voice to guide yourself and others into deeper practices.


Guest Teachers