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Art Gallery

Art Gallery

We value creation and honor the idea that all of us are creative. There are some whose creations add life and beauty to a space, and we are fortunate to have many friends who are truly amazing artists. Our lounge area outside the studio will display many works of art, all for you to enjoy, some available for purchase.

Our current art is Earth Animals by painting duo - Lauren Haskell and Nathan Rose.                           

From the artists: "We began painting animal portraits as an expression of our love for animals and a feeling of being disconnected from the natural world around us. By taking the time to paint these creatures, we elevate them and shine a light onto how majestic they truly are! As a married couple, we paint together. We take turns,  beginning where the other one left off, to create fun, colorful paintings that express the playful nature of our relationship."

If you are interested in displaying your art at Yoga Sanctuary, we would love to talk with you. Please connect with Shelley Pagitt, Photos by Carla Gesell.

Nathan + Lauren Art Bio Photo.jpg